Cheek Filler with Dr Chiké

Achieve a youthful, revitalised look with cheek filler! This non-surgical treatment with Stylage Dermal fillers at The Chelsea Skin Clinic can help restore Mid-face lost volume to give you fullness and definition in the cheeks. Unveil your inner glow as we sculpt away signs of aging for beautiful results that appear natural yet transformative.

Dr Chiké Emeagi

Cheek Filler Doctor & Specialist

Dr Chike has extensive experience and knowledge of facial aesthetics and has a special interest in lip enhancement. He has performed many successful dermal filler treatments on 1000’s of patients.

Dr Chiké Emeagi is an experienced Aesthetic Doctor with Advanced and Masterclass training in Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation Techniques and Essential Skin Health Therapies.

What are cheek fillers?

The term ‘cheek filler’ pertains to any dermal filler that is used in the cheek area. Whilst there is no specific product labelled as a cheek filler as such, skilled aesthetic doctors will select the correct product that will work the best in the particular area of the cheek to be treated.

There are various types of dermal filler techniques and methods used on the cheeks, with the most common being  a hyaluronic acid based gel. Hyaluronic acid is biocompatible and is found in various parts of the body. We only use reputable, premium brands of hyaluronic acid dermal filler here at The Chelsea Skin Clinic.

Why have cheek fillers at The Chelsea Skin Clinic?

As with all our products we select our dermal fillers based on our experience of the product, its safety and effectiveness. We use tried and tested brands and have developed intimate knowledge of the dermal fillers we use. We know what works, in which part of the face. Our  main focus is, and will always be patient goals and satisfaction. Dr Chike performs the injectable treatments at the Chelsea Skin Clinic.

What can cheek fillers do?

  • Fill the nasolabial fold
  • Reverse lost volume in the cheeks
  • Plump up the cheeks
  • Smooth out lines
  • Add definition to the cheek bones

5 Star Reviews

“Dr Chike is extremely gentle, skilled and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and created a bespoke look on my face. I didn’t get a single bruise – a bonus! Thank you so much, looking forward to seeing you again!”


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How long before I see the effects of a cheek filler?

Straightaway, but as will all dermal filler treatments, they may take a week or 2 to fully settle.

How long does a cheek filler procedure take?

Cheek filler appointments take from 15 minutes upwards depending on the particular case.

Are there do’s and don’ts after the treatment?

You will be given aftercare advice information following your dermal filler treatment but do avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24-48 hours, do avoid high heat such as saunas, and don’t touch the area if possible, for the first day.

Is there any downtime to a dermal filler treatment?

You should be able to resume your normal activities post appointment but please bear in mind that you might experience some swelling and bruising near the injection site. This should subside within 48 hours following the treatment.

What if I change my mind?

Dermal fillers are dissolvable but the vast majority of patients are extremely happy with the results.

How much is a cheek filler treatment?

Our prices start from £320.

Who performs the cheek fillers at The Chelsea Skin Clinic?

All our injectable treatments are performed by Dr Chike.

How long do cheek fillers last for?

At Chelsea Skin Clinic we use Stylage Dermal fillers for Cheek Fillers which can last upto  18 months.

Do Cheek fillers lift your face?

By targeting areas that are beginning to sag or flatten with age, the facial filler can restore volume to sunken cheeks and create a more youthful contour and appearance. In addition, when strategically injected in the right places, cheek fillers can also help lift the drooping corners of your mouth as well as reduce nasolabial folds (smile lines) and marionette lines (lines from the corner of your mouth to chin). The effects of such treatments are immediate and last from six to eighteen months depending on the amount and type of filler used.

Will 1ml cheek filler make a difference?

We typically inject 1-2 Syringes to optimise the face

Who benefits from Cheek fillers?

Patients with volume loss in the mid-face

Are there risks associated with cheek fillers?

The most common risks associated with cheek filler include pain, swelling, bruising and redness at the injection site. These side effects are usually temporary and will go away within a few days to weeks. In rare cases, there may be an allergic reaction to the substance injected or infection at the injection site. Patients may also experience lumps or bumps at the injection site if the product is injected too deeply or unevenly into tissues. It is also possible for fillers to migrate outside of their intended area, causing asymmetry in the face.

To reduce these risks, it is important to go to a qualified practitioner who has experience with cheek filler procedures, as they will know how to inject the product correctly and safely in order to achieve optimal results without any complications.

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