Lip Fillers with Dr Chiké

Dr Chike has extensive experience and knowledge of facial aesthetics and has performed 1000’s of successful lip filler treatments.

Dr Chiké Emeagi

Lip Filler Doctor & Specialist

Dr Chike has extensive experience and knowledge of facial aesthetics and has a special interest in lip enhancement. He has performed many successful dermal filler treatments on 1000’s of patients.

Dr Chiké Emeagi is an experienced Aesthetic Doctor with Advanced and Masterclass training in Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation Techniques and Essential Skin Health Therapies.

Lip fillers (or lip augmentation) has become one of the most popular treatments of late. Done properly, they are one of the quickest methods to alter the appearance of the face in a beneficial way.  The secret is not to over do it.

Maybe you feel that your lower lip is noticeably smaller than the upper, or vice versa. Maybe you feel that both lips could benefit from more volume. Either way, hyaluronic acid fillers for the lips are a safe and effective treatment for plumper, more symmetrical lips.

Why should you have a lip filler treatment?

Your lips have become thinner over time: Lips may reduce in size as we age. Measurements across the mouth and between the mouth and nose can change, Your lips may be not as full as they once were.

You feel your lips are not symmetrical: You may have always had asymmetrical lips or you may have noticed a change over time. You may have only just noticed or become aware.

You just want fuller, plumper lips: That’s fine, although we will advise you on the size that will suit your features and face in general. The watch word with having lip fillers is subtlety.

Why have your lip fillers at The Chelsea Skin Clinic?

Not all dermal fillers are the same. Not all dermal fillers for the lips are the same. We are fully aware of this fact at The Chelsea Skin Clinic. Our injectables doctor is Dr. Chike. He has a wealth of experience in aesthetic treatments, including lip fillers. He knows what the best lip fillers are and what works best for each particular patient. Dr Chike takes time to find out exactly what you, the patient, want to achieve and aims to deliver perfect results, every time. He shares the same ethos as The Chelsea Skin Clinic when it comes to patient care and satisfaction. As is with all good cosmetic doctors, we advocate the ‘less is more’ approach toward lip fillers here at The Chelsea Skin Clinic.

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5 Star Reviews

“I would highly recommend Dr Chike Clinics! I had lip filler treatment and am very pleased with the results! Dr Chike was professional and personable with a friendly approach. Dr Chike was happy to answer any questions I had and everything was explained to me in detail. He made sure that I was comfortable and at ease before, during, and after my treatment.”


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How much are lip filler treatments?

Our prices are from £300 and depend on the amount of fillers used in the treatment.

Are lip fillers a safe treatment?

Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a biocompatible substance found naturally in the body.

That being said, there are risks of side effects to a lip filler treatment, such as infection. When the lip filler treatment is carried out by a fully trained medical professional, risks are lowered. Dr Chike’s stringent adherence to sterile procedures coupled with his long experience helps to negate side effects and risks.

Are lip fillers reversible?

Yes, lip filler treatments can be reversed, although, due to the fact we advocate subtlety, very few patients change their mind following the treatment.

How long do lip fillers last for?

A reasonable guideline for the typical patient is 6-12 months but this will vary from patient to patient.

I have seen pictures of patients in the news with ridiculous looking lips. Why has this happened?

We have seen these pictures too. These poor results tend to be a combination of poorly trained or non-medical injectors, cheap, or just the wrong products, incorrect amounts of dermal filler or just the wrong type of filler.  Inexperience and poor technique can be factors too.

Are there any risks to lip fillers?

Any substance that is injected carries some degree of risk. The risks are correlated with the experience of the practitioner performing the injections. Risks include swelling and infection but these side effects are rare. The best ways to minimise these risks will be fully explained to you prior to your treatment.

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