Tear Trough Filler in Kensington and Chelsea

We offer tear trough under eye rejuvenation treatments to our patients in London and further afield from our Chelsea clinic.

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6-18 Months



Treatment Time

30 Minutes

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Dr Chiké


From £400

Tear trough fillers may be the right option for you if you feel that your eye area is showing your age or you feel you look tired all of the time. They work to correct various issues but their main purpose is to give a younger, rejuvenated appearance to the eyes.

What is a tear trough filler?

A tear trough filler is a hyaluronic acid gel dermal filler that is used on the area just below the eye. Also known as the palpebromalar groove, the term ‘tear trough’ pertains to the groove directly below the lower eye-lid and the cheek.To be most effective, the filler used for tear troughs must have just the right measure of consistency vs stiffness to provide the best results for the patient. The brand and type of hyaluronic acid gel will be carefully selected at consultation depending on the patient’s goals and requirements, based on the expertise and knowledge of the injector.  

What can tear trough fillers do?

The ageing process, and sometimes weight loss, can cause volume loss below the eyes.Tear trough fillers work to correct the hollow looking area caused by this lost volume. They are also used to correct asymmetry of the volume loss. As they contain hyaluronic acid, which aids skin hydration, they can help fade under eye circles and smooth out the skin. The result is younger looking skin in the eye area and an appearance of looking less tired.

Why use The Chelsea Skin Clinic for my tear trough fillers?

Tear trough fillers are another treatment that really does require you to use someone with expertise in this delicate area. Dr. Chike has specialism in the areas of both facial injections and the selecting of the correct product that will work best for you. The Chelsea Skin Clinic only uses premium fillers at their clinic to ensure predictable and excellent results. 

Tear Trough Filler Benefits

Tear Trough Filler FAQs

These are a selection of questions we have been asked in the past. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please get in touch as we will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding this or any of our aesthetic treatments.

What happens during the tear trough filler procedure?

After a consultation, depending on your preference, you will be offered some numbing gel. The doctor will inject very small amounts of hyaluronic acid gel just under the skin. The doctor will then gently massage the filled area in order to spread the gel evenly. The procedure will take around 15-30 minutes.

What can I expect after the tear trough filler?

You may experience some slight swelling, redness and bruising in the treated area following the treatment. These effects will tend to subside after 48 hours. The results of the filler will be showing straight away but the full benefits will show after one or two weeks. You can expect for hollows to be less noticeable, dark circles to be faded and the skin to be smoother with less wrinkles.

Can tear trough fillers help with eye bags?

The answer to this is maybe. Yes, tear trough fillers can help reduce the appearance of eye bags but it would depend on your specific condition. Please get in touch to book a consultation to see how we can help.

Can tear trough fillers be reversed?

Yes, any injection containing hyaluronic acid can be reversed if you have a change of mind, although people rarely do change their mind after this treatment.

What should I do after the tear trough filler procedure?

You will be given aftercare advice before you leave the clinic but you should plan to avoid vigorous activity for 48 hours following your visit. We recommend the avoidance of alcohol for the first 2 days. Avoid hot environments such as saunas for at least 4 days.

How long will tear trough fillers last?

Results will vary in this regard but you can expect the filler to last approximately 9-12 months.

What is the price of tear trough fillers?

The cost of tear trough fillers starts at £400.

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Dr Chiké Emeagi

Dr Chiké Emeagi is an experienced Aesthetic Doctor with Advanced and Masterclass training in Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation Techniques and Essential Skin Health Therapies.

With his background as a Surgeon and his extensive training in Aesthetic Medicine, he spends his time outside his Clinics training Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Doctors and Dentists on the latest evidence-based Aesthetic Techniques.

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